Liftslide Doors

        Inspire to incorporate our lift and slide doors into your design. Create both a functional opening and an extraordinary view with natural lights. Contrary to a traditional sliding door, the lift and slide doors moves with almost no friction; a child can operate a 300 pounds sash effortlessly. 

        There are many options when it comes to lift and slide doors. For example, a lift and slide door can slide past an in-swing door, or have its fixed portion “pocketed” behind a wall. We are always ready to take on custom projects. 

Slimline vs Sashed Option

Sashed Liftslide

Sashed Liftslide

A sashed option gives a traditional symmetrical feel to the liftslide. The fixed sash of the liftslide have the same stile width as the operating sash. This option is available for all bauhaus liftslides.

Slimline Liftslide

The glass of the fixed portion goes all the way to the frame edges, making it a great option for a large viewing window without obstructions. This option is available for all bauhaus liftslides.

Pocketing Liftslides

Pocketing Liftslides are a great options to create a seamless opening by sliding over a wall or existing structures. We offer pocketing liftslides for both exterior and interior options.